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Story Conversations

Story Conversations is the brainchild of Susan Griffin and Simon Arrowsmith. Simon and Susan have worked on various projects together for a number of clients, alongside their partners Jonny and Gary.

After reading a recent industry report that said storytelling was one of the top skills marketers were looking develop, Susan and Simon scratched their heads. Wasn’t storytelling yesterday’s skill essential? Didn’t most people know how to do this by now?

Apparently not. So, they set about thinking how they could explore the topic in an inspirational, entertaining, and educational way.

They turned to creative friends and colleagues, mostly from outside the marketing world. And they started conversations exploring the ways narrative, stories, and storytelling are used to inform their work. Through these wonderful discussions they began to uncover how businesses could learn to apply the lessons from these story experts. The result is this podcast!

Featured Episode

Stories of advocacy

Will Nolan (Real Chemistry)

Susan and Simon talk to Will Nolan, Group Director, Advocacy Relations at Real Chemistry. Will shares his experiences of putting story at the heart of his career as a professional communicator and as an entertainer. It’s a great conversation about how stories can give customers a voice, glavanize a community, and change people’s minds.

Season 1, Episode 8

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Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin

Griffin + Skeggs

Simon Arrowsmith

Simon Arrowsmith

Iambic Creative

Susan is known for her insightful talents in the “dark arts” of marketing strategy, along with the knack for effective execution, including branding, narrative and content development, and communications design. She is also a passionate supporter of the arts, particularly development of new talent and the business end of theatre and performance.

Simon is a story and content specialist, helping people and businesses to find, craft and share human stories in a digital world. He uses his background in the arts to develop content in face to face, printed and digital communications. He is also a composer and writer working in theatre. He also applies this skill to the creation of sonic branding and original music for corporate clients.


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